Services We Provide

Sound Design

Bespoke music composition and production for games, commercial TV adverts and musicians.

We design compelling soundscapes individually tailored to your requirements as well as We have an extensive library of licenced high quality sound effects / foley, music beds and background music at our disposal to enhance visual media.

Digital Audio Mixing

Whether mixing down multitrack mix stubs or dialogue, music and beds for TV and Film.

Digital Audio Editing

Cutting and splicing, fades, audio cleanup, format conversion.

Audio To Video Syncing

Resyncing dialogue and background music to video sequence.

Recording / Tracking

Access to full, state-of-the-art recording studio facilities in a private location.

Programming, Coding & Apps

C++, Windows SDK, DirectX, XAudio2, XNA
We can build your website using html, css, php and javascript.