TV & Film Demos

Examples of sound for adverts / commercials, animation and film. These demos feature sound effects, foley, synth programming and bespoke atmospheric music beds.

--- Music : Movie Trailer ---

--- Sound Design / Music: Advertisment ---

--- Music : Advertisment ---

--- Music : Advertisment ---

--- Sound Design / Music : Animation ---

Video Game Audio Demos

Below are a few examples of game demos which incorporate sound design, editing and coding in C++ / DirectX to trigger and manipulate audio in realtime.

--- Horror Themed Game ---

--- Jungle Themed Game ---

--- Colour Matching Game ---

Playable Game Demos

2D Mario Clone Using Unity3D Engine

3D Zombie Survival Scene Using Unity3D Engine

Music Composition Examples

An instrumental hiphop style track excerpt

An electro-breakbeat style track excerpt

A Jazz-pop style track excerpt