About Trulywild

We provide complete audio production services for businesses and individuals, including sound design, dialog / voice-over recording, audio sync for sound effect cues and foley, ambiences / room tone and other audio effects.

What Is Audio Post-Production?

Audio post production deals with the tracklaying, mixing and mastering of a soundtrack. It enhances the storyline or narrative flow by establishing mood, time, location or period through the use of dialogue, music and sound effects.

Post production can add pace, excitement and impact using the fully dynamic range available within the viewing medium. Also it helps complete the illusion of reality and perspective through the use of sound effects and the recreation of natural acoustics in the mix, using equalisation and artificial reverbs.

Unreality and fantasy may be enhanced by sound through the use of sound design and effects processing, and to complete the illusion of continuity through scenes which have been shot discontinuously.

It can create the effect of spacial depth and width by placing elements across the stereo / surround sound field. Post production can fix any problems with the location sound with editing or replacing dialogue in post production and by using processor in the mix to maximize clarity and reduce unwanted noise. It is also needed to deliver the final soundtrack to the appropriate broadcast / film specifications and mastered onto the correct format.

Games Companies

We have provided sound design services to the video games industry for several years. Whether you are an established software house or small independent game developer, we can provide you with a quality audio soundtrack to get the most impact from your game.

• Audio programming
• Sound Design
• Bespoke Music Composition
• Digital Audio Editing
• Audio Postproduction and sound optimisation

Advertising Agencies

• Music composition
• Editing and Production

Songwriters & Bands

We have access to fully equipped recording studio facilities and can produce, mix and master your songs to get the very best from your music.

Website sound

• Audio programming
• Composition
• Sound Design

Corporate Video Sound

• Sound Editing End Composition